5.2 Provide feedback to students on their learning

Assessment and feedback are important elements to the teaching, learning cycle. Genuine, connected and timely feedback supports development of positive student self-concept.

I believe that I have met the criteria of standard 5.2 Provide feedback to students on their learning by doing the following:

  • In 2013, I worked with a range of classes alongside a specialised Eco-Literacy teacher. I supported students with their learning journey by documenting their responses to questions and their comments throughout the lessons. This documentation was used to track student development over time and helped guide the inquiry process. The comments were then displayed in the classroom and used as a learning tool. Students were able to see their learning process, development over time and reflect on where to go next.


The image above depicts students work alongside their comments, students and their families were able to reflect on student learning and development over time.

  • In 2013, in a Foundation classroom, I developed positive relationships with all students. I provided positive, constructive and timely feedback.


The image above depicts an example of students work with my feedback and assessment. I supported students phonetic development by marking on their books, highlighting their successes in phonetic representation. In this way, students were supported to ‘have a go’ and take risks with their learning. Instead of marking the word ‘wrong’, ticks were used to show the parts that were ‘right’. Positive feedback supported students growth and learning.

Excerpts From Professional Experience Reports 2012/2013:

Feedback and Reporting

“Heidi was always open-minded about the components of teaching by reflecting on observations, raising questions and clarification. She sought out opportunities for feedback, both written and verbal and she examined her own practise and reflected it in a professional manner, striving to make changes to ensure better learning outcomes for all students which promoted self-esteem and success. Heidi was able to identify growth points within individuals and was beginning to recognise  where future direction needed to go or where individuals needed extension or further support.” Year three mentor teacher, 2012

“Heidi gives positive verbal feedback as she is teaching and collects photographic evidence as well. She encourages children on an individual basis to achieve their best and acknowledges that it’s ok to make mistakes and to have a go. In discussions she is showing that she intuitively knows who needs more support and who needs a challenge.” Foundation mentor teacher 2013

Where to Next?

  I will continue to develop my skills in how to provide positive and constructive feedback to students. I will research strategies that support the development of clear learning goals for students. I will observe and seek support from fellow teachers to support my learning in this area.

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