Currently, I teach Music at McLaren Vale Primary School in years 4-7. I also manage the school choir. This year, we are working towards an end of year performance titled ‘The Elements’. I am guiding students in the direction and development of the exciting piece. So far, engagement and motivation is high! I am looking forward to sharing the results as we progress! Below is a clip that I used to inspire the older students, it worked a treat. Students are already devising their own pieces just like this one.

As a keen singer and dancer, I really enjoy sharing the Performing Arts with students. At a range of schools, I have taught a range of musical genres, styles and songs. I introduce the lesson with enthusiasm and joy and model expectations confidently. I support individuals to have a go and always celebrate diversity. My enjoyment of teaching and learning within and through all Arts areas inspires students and encourages participation.

I have taught students simple songs using musical instruments such as the recorder, drums and xylophones. I have also facilitated learning beat boxing. This is a favorite students in upper primary.

The above clip is an example of one of the beat box sounds I have taught. Students love to try and create the same sounds they see being made on this little clip.

I was involved in teaching groups of students a song as part of the Music: Count Us In project for 2014. I worked with students to learn the song for this year. They were enthusiastic and positive and sang their hearts out!

The link above will take you to the Music Count Us In website.

I showed the students the above clip as an introduction to the lesson, before we sang the song. We also talked about how the students in the clip collaborated creatively as well as the issue of copyright in music today.

I have also based a music unit around the Musica Viva program which was a great success across all year levels, ending with a live performance from the musicians themselves. Fantastic!

MusicaViva Website

I often use snippets I find on the net as interest sparkers. This is a great one (below) to support learning about ATSI people and cultures and how to write a great and educational song.

Jabiru 6 Seasons Rap

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