1.2 Understand how students learn

I believe that I have met the criteria of standard 1.2 Understand how students learn by doing the following:

  • Working at a number of schools, I reflected, researched and sought advice from colleagues, in order to develop teaching programs that supported students’ diverse learning needs. 



After each teaching day, I researched, reflected and sought advice from colleagues. Using a journal, I recorded my observations and and experiences in the classroom. I  used the research, reflection and advice from colleagues to improve my teaching practice and plan engaging and supportive learning programs for all students.

  • I made time to build relationships with students and adjusted learning programs to match students backgrounds and interests leading to higher levels of motivation within the class.

In a year 6 class, a large number of students, particularly the boys, are passionate about football. In order to engage them during a measurement unit in Maths, I incorporated football into the lessons. We compared and ordered footballers by their heights and estimated and measured the football field.

  • I have a flexible approach. I connected with students quickly and adjusted teaching programs to maximise student learning.


In a year 4/5 class, I recognised that a few of the students were struggling to keep on task. I spoke to a colleague and realised that I needed to adjust my strategy if I were to support all students. The next day I started the morning with a hands on activity. Students learnt how to knot and make friendship bands. One of the students made a play hunting belt. As these students began their day with an engaging and creative activity, they were able to express themselves and we developed our relationships.  I adjusted the daily plan in order to provide more opportunities for creative engagement to suit students needs. The day was richer in learning for the struggling students  working more confidently in the open-ended maths and literacy exercises I provided in the day.

Where to next?

In order to continue to develop my range of teaching strategies, I will maintain positive working relationships with the schools, teachers, students and parents/carers that I work with. I will continue to seek advice from colleagues and research strategies that will support the students within my class. I will continue to reflect on my successes and highlight growth points. I will seek relevant professional development to continue to nurture student learning.

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