6.2 Engage in professional learning and improve practice

 As a committed life-long learner, I actively seek opportunities to further develop my skills and knowledge. I am open to change and flexible in my approach. I value professional relationships highly.

I believe that I have met the criteria of standard 6.2 Engage in professional learning and improve practice by doing the following:

  • In 2013, I worked collaboratively with fellow pre-service teachers in an Inquiry into the types of professional development available to beginning teachers and how they can be documented and collated as evidence to meet the National Professional Standards for Teachers.

Beginning Teacher Professional Development

The image above shows me working alongside colleagues in the development of the Inquiry project. The link contains a copy of the final presentation where we answered the following question – ‘How do I continue to learn and develop as a beginning teacher?’ 

  • In 2013, I undertook an elective professional experience research project. Through research and teaching practice, I developed my understanding of the Reggio Emilia approach, and in particular Inquiry. I documented student learning processes in the form of a learning story.

Inquiry 1

Inquiry 2

The links above show examples of the documentation I have used as a basis for my research. Below is the report of my findings.

Reggio Emilia & Eco-Literacy

  • I have attended a number of professional development sessions, seminars and courses throughout my degree and continue to reflect and work collaboratively with others to improve my practice.


The certificates above were received for completing 2 day seminar – Jolly Phonics, How to Get Started & So They Know the Sounds, What Next? & Jolly Grammar

ConnectED Conference Certificate 2013

I attended a full day seminar and Induction Expo: DECD – organisational strategic directions

TRT Survival Day Certificate 2013

I attended a full day seminar, preparing me for working as a Temporary Relief Teacher.

Apply First Aid Certificate

I have a current, Apply First Aid certificate.

Responding to Abuse and Neglect Certificate 2012

I am up to date with my mandatory notification training, completed in 2013.

I also attended the following:

  • Curriculum Organiser Online workshop – 2013
  • Seminar – ADHD and Teaching Strategies by Dr. Robert Reid – 2013
  • Stepping Up, Graduate Teacher’s Conference DECD – 2013
  • Classroom Blogging; becoming a learning leader and creating learning opportunities through connected, transparent school environments by George Couros, 2012

Excerpts From Professional Experience Reports 2012/2013:

Professional and Collegial Learning

“Heidi attended staff meetings (whole school, primary years and professional learning teams) and participated in the learning/professional development that was taking place. She worked with her mentor, mentor’s team teaching colleague and maths consultant to plan units of work. She joined both the mentor and team teacher when they worked on reflecting on their team teaching practise and strategies.” Year three mentor teacher, 2012

“Heidi has been sharing her journey with another student teacher in our school as well as sharing her ideas with me in our room. She attends meetings and shares her skills and ideas with us on a year level basis as well as supporting and learning the new curriculum organiser programme. She is also visiting and collecting ideas from other staff in other year levels as well. She has supported me in working in the Special Education Unit as well.” Foundation mentor teacher, 2013

Where to Next?

 As a committed life long learner, I am planning strategies to maintain developing professionally throughout my career. I am particularly interested in growing my understanding around the use of community networks and forums as a means to broaden my knowledge. I am a member of Twitter however, I would like to learn more about the possibilities of using similar online networks to learn collaboratively. Within this professional portfolio, I will continue to document my progress in line with The National Professional Standards for Teachers.

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