2.6 Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Use effective teaching strategies to integrate ICT into learning and teaching programs to make selected content relevant and meaningful.

Teaching with ICT, if incorporated in a carefully crafted and safe way, provides wonderful opportunities for all students to engage and connect as 21st century learners within learning areas, topics or concepts on a deep and meaningful level. The use of ICT authentically, can enhance this engagement. In a supportive and safe classroom environment, and with clear learning intentions, students learn key skills and strategies for using ICT across a range of platforms. Students are able to build on their knowlegde, contribute in a real-world context, share their stories and creations and speak confidently and clearly, using their own unique voice. With the use of technology in an ethical and informed way, students engage as global citizens. Students are able to respond to the world, track their learning evidence and share their ideas and outcomes. With guidance and support, innovation and positive change are at each students fingertips.

I believe that I have met the criteria of standard 2.6 Know content and how to teach it of the teaching area by doing the following:

  • Within a diverse year 4/5 class, I have set up a class blog for use in Science as a reflection and sharing tool during learning. Due to the nature of online blogging, I ran the Science topic alongside the Child Protection Curriculum topic supporting student with safe and ethical use of media. Below is a copy of the PowerPoint I made as an introduction to the unit.

Media Safety

  • During Art lessons for years 4-7, students were able to access iPads with photograph editing apps installed for use when creating their landscape paintings. Below is an example of a students adjusted photograph.

Lachlan 1-page-001


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