Currently I teach Dance 4-7 at McLaren Vale Primary School where I am coordinating the end of year Dance and Music performance titled ‘The Elements’. Students are guiding the direction and outcomes of this exciting project which is proving to support engagement and motivation across all classes. Can’t wait to share more as we progress!

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 1.52.50 pm

I have taught Dance R-7 at a range of schools as a specialist and in the classroom. Integrating the Arts areas of Dance, Music and Drama has been a fantastic tool for me as they blend in together so well. From my experience, students innately express through these three Arts areas in an integrated way  so teaching through integration is natural. Students explore expression and communication. Music is a particularly rewarding medium of expression for students who struggle with reading and writing. Confidence is built, creativity and diversity is celebrated.


ATSI connections provided a wonderful base in which to build one of my most successful dance based programs. I used the Dreaming story ‘The Mimis’ as inspiration, students in years R-3 developed short choreographies based on the story. The results were beautiful and students loved every minute!

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