Heidi Karo


Master of Teaching R-7
Bachelor of Visual Arts and Applied Design

My name is Heidi Karo.

I am an Arts and primary teacher. I have outstanding skills in teamwork, communication and creative thinking, gained through dual qualifications in Art and Teaching, providing me with the tools necessary for excellence as a teacher. I have 20 years of extensive experience as a community artist, facilitator and volunteer. I am passionate about teaching and enjoy working collaboratively. As an Artist, creativity is a key element to my teaching success. I am able to support children in the development of creative thinking and problem solving strategies. Through the provision of inquiry based,  integrated learning opportunities that allow creative expression, students gain confidence using their own voice. In my classroom diversity is celebrated, collaboration supported and learning is enjoyable. I am passionate about providing an inclusive, student-centred curriculum. My expectations of all students are high yet allow for individual needs and differences. I am driven by a joy of learning and a passion for life. My commitment to high quality performance in all areas of learning has led me to be presented the 2012 Credit Union SA Award for Academic Excellence for receiving the highest Grade Point Average of all teaching students at Flinders University in 2012.

I have two children, a daughter aged 16 and son who is 11. I love to surf with my family, kayak, snorkel, run, paint and sing. Teaching offers a wonderful opportunity for life long learning and I am excited to be in a position to continue to share my passion with others.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy reading my portfolio.

Heidi Karo


About heidikaro

Artist and Teacher
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