Eco-Literacy, The Inquiry Continues…

Well, it is the end of week 2, Term 2 now. It has been a while since I last reflected here on my blog. I spent the whole of Term 3 with year 1/2 students in Eco-Literacy at Galilee Catholic School which was lovely.


Students ended up building a model for the garden space at the front of the school. The results were amazing but even more amazing was the process. The students engaged in Inquiry, it was authentic and driven by a genuine interest in the development of ideas and answering of questions. The students explored the past as archaeologists and then planned for the future. They developed designs collaboratively to create a space that would be welcoming, respectful and constructive.


Above are photos of students working on their designs.

With a whole school focus on Identity, students honored the design brief with integrity.  What a great experience! I am loving learning about the Reggio Approach and Eco-Literacy. I can’t wait till next week!


Above is a picture of some of the finished models on display at the school.

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